Stock Moe's Video Review of 12/10/2020

NIO Stock Price Prediction With LI Stock Price And XPEV Stock Price

  • Stock Moe talks about the current situation in the EV market.
  • There has been a massive sell-off partly due to public offering events from Nio, Li Auto and Xpev

NYSE: NIO - Nio Inc & NASDAQ: LI - Li Auto Inc. & NYSE: XPEV Xpeng Inc

  • Expects a 10% drop the coming days, but that should be about it.
  • “Nio is the number one stock to own if you want exposure in China for EV”
  • Because of the steep run-up of the stocks, big funds will have to re-balance and sell off. This could cause the public to sell off.

New law that could delist foreign companies

  • Law goes into affect in 2022
  • Companies have to fail for 3 years in order to be de-listed
  • In case a company gets de-listed, they could put their stocks for sale on f.e. the Hongkong Exchange. Brokers provide access to these exchanges.
  • Stock Moe is weary of companies that don’t want to provide transparency regarding their finances.

Public offerings

  • Both Xpev, Li Auto and Nio have had public offerings recently.
  • Very common that stocks dip after this event.

Similarity in price action pattern

  • Li Auto and Nio have a very similar price action pattern
Nio snap
Nio price action
Li Auto snap
Li Auto price action

Reviewing Stock Moe's Statements

We picked Stock Moe’s most important statements and put them out for our factchecking team.

Most Predictions Are: Accurate

"Tesla will be $650 a share end of 2020"

Status: ongoing

In his video of 11/29/2020 Stock Moe made this prediction.

Ongoing prediction

"Snowflake will be at $429+ a share end of 2020"

Status: ongoing

This prediction has been made in Stock Moe’s video of 12/16/2020

Ongoing prediction

"Tesla will be $500 in November"

Status: done

In his video of 5/20/2020 Stock Moe made this prediction.

Accurate prediction

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