Stock Moe's Dec 20, 2020 Video Recap

STIMULUS AGREED MADE Second Stimulus Checks Included This Is Fantastic STOCK MARKET NEWS

  • $900 billion stimulus package.
    • President Elect Biden said that this should be considered as ‘a down payment’.
  • Stock Moe expects that the stock values will increase significantly because of this news.

Stimulus Package For Families

  • A family of four could receive $2400 of income depending of the age of the children.
  • Unemployment benefits will be extended $300 per week.
    • Could start as early as December 27th.

Stimulus & The Stock Market

  • The FEDS allowed Banks to do the shares buy back.
  • 2021 will be a great year due to all the support by the FED.
  • Stock Moe expected a pullback in 2022, but the Federal government shared that they will provide support in the coming 2 years.

Reviewing Stock Moe's Statements

We picked Stock Moe’s most important statements and put them out for our factchecking team.

Most Predictions Are: Accurate

"Tesla will be $650 a share end of 2020"

Status: ongoing

In his video of 11/29/2020 Stock Moe made this prediction.

Ongoing prediction

"Snowflake will be at $429+ a share end of 2020"

Status: ongoing

This prediction has been made in Stock Moe’s video of 12/16/2020

Ongoing prediction

"Tesla will be $500 in November"

Status: done

In his video of 5/20/2020 Stock Moe made this prediction.

Accurate prediction

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