Stock Moe's Dec 21, 2020 Video Recap

Best IPOs to buy now review ABNB Stock And DASH Stock And Snowflake Stock

  • These three stocks have in common that they are related to the tech industry.
    •  NNDM – Produces Printed Board Circuits using 3D printing technology.
    • ABML – Recycles lithium-ion batteries used for electric vehicles.
    • ALPP – Produces drones and sells them to the U.S. market.

NASDAQ: NNDM - Nano Dimension Ltd - ADR

  • So far the only company that is able to print Printed Board Circuits (PCB) with a 3D printer.
  • ARK is invested in this company and extremely positive.

OTCMKTS: ABML - American Battery Metals Corp

  • This company recycles lithium-ion batteries and is in it’s beginning stages.
  • The ultimate goal of battery recycling is that they don’t have to mine for lithium anymore. Recycling is a very economical interesting future.
  • These type of companies have two very clear paths: or they build up a very lucrative company, or they become targets for acquisition.
  • They are currently getting their factory up and running in Nevada.
    • Recently acquired the land and water rights.
    • Hired a construction team
  • Stock Moe has gotten in this stock around $0.80 a share.

OTCMKTS: ALPP - Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd

  • DJI (a Chinese drone company) is prohibited from getting advanced American technology for their drones.
    • They have 70% – 80% share in the U.S. drone market.
  • ALPP is a good candidate to take a big chunk of the market share that DJI will lose because of them being blacklisted by the U.S. government. 

Reviewing Stock Moe's Statements

We picked Stock Moe’s most important statements and put them out for our factchecking team.

Most Predictions Are: Accurate

"Tesla will be $650 a share end of 2020"

Status: ongoing

In his video of 11/29/2020 Stock Moe made this prediction.

Ongoing prediction

"Snowflake will be at $429+ a share end of 2020"

Status: ongoing

This prediction has been made in Stock Moe’s video of 12/16/2020

Ongoing prediction

"Tesla will be $500 in November"

Status: done

In his video of 5/20/2020 Stock Moe made this prediction.

Accurate prediction

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