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Ricky Gutierrez Net Worth

Dave Fenger

Dave Fenger

Ricky Gutierrez Youtube

Table of Contents

Who is Ricky Gutierrez

Ricky Gutierrez might be the most passionate entrepreneur on YouTube! Ricky is known for the content he publishes on his YouTube channel and the community he built around that. He loves to share his passion for trading stocks through his Teachable course and his free Facebook community.

On the side, Ricky Gutierrez has several rental properties and he loves to flip exotic cars for a hobby.

Investment strategy

Ricky Gutierrez’s Portfolio Investing Strategy

Ricky Gutierrez is an autodidactic stock trader. He taught himself the tricks of the trade through trial & error and a huge quantity of YouTube video’s. Ricky describes himself as the type of trader that likes to follow clear trends.

He developed a method where you can follow certain rules depending on your level of knowledge.

Stage 1 (beginner)

Ricky likes to analyze the patterns with a 180-days timeframe and a 4-hour time-notation.

  • He looks for an obvious up-trend that is not the result of a ‘pump and dump’ movement.
  • He will say this until you will never forget! Lock in profits and don’t become too greedy.
  • A good starting price range for a stock should be around $10 – $50. If you only start with $50 in your account. Ricky believes it’s perfectly fine to just buy 1 stock. It is all about the quality of the stock you are buying in to!
  • Try not to focus on a dollar profit, but more on growth in percentages. In this stage, Ricky likes to aim for 2-3% growth per week.

Stage 2 (intermediate)

A good way to achieve this goal is to start swing trading. Ricky likes to identify levels of support and set alarms. Once the stock gets near an historical support and starts to recover, Ricky would jump in to make a quick gain. He would aim to keep the stock for 2 to 5 days.

  • Stocks should have an obvious upwards trend.
  • Lock in your profit!
  • The price target of a stock in this phase should be somewhere between $5 – $100
    In this stage, Ricky aims for a 3-5% growth per week.

Stage 3 (full-time)

This stage is for people that made the transition from paper to full time trading and have been busy for 2-3 months.

  • In this stage Ricky introduces dip buys. You buy a stock when it’s in a downwards trend while you try to spot the absolute bottom. It is very important to feel comfortable spotting more advanced patterns as this is more risky. A good idea is to first test the waters (and strategies) through paper trading.
  • This is where Ricky Gutierrez’s ‘Golden Ratio’ comes into play. Let’s say there is a $100 stock with a resistance at $110 and a support at $100. By putting a stop-loss on $98, you have a 2% downside risk and a 10% upside potential. This gives you 4-5 chances to make a profitable trade.
  • Risk management is very important in this phase. You need to be able to differentiate a pullback from a break of pattern.
  • In this phase swing trading plays a big role.
  • Ricky’s target for growth is around 5-7% a week.

Stage 4

It is very important to keep the Golden Ratio in the back of your head since you will be taking more risks to achieve your weekly goal.

  • Ricky says that it is very important to never stop learning (which we can only agree with). Try to surround yourself by likeminded people.
  • Don’t forget to lock in profits!
  • Ricky’s goal for growth in this stage is 10% a week.

Ricky Gutierrez behind his stock program

Ricky Gutierrez’ Real-Estate Investing Strategy

Ricky Gutierrez works with a real estate agent in Arizona. The real estate agent (Lenny) finds undervalued homes which he flips. Ricky provides a hard cash loan and receives interest. Most of the times the projects take 3 to 4 months.

In one of his video’s he provides a hard cash loan for a $240,000 home that his real estate connection expects to flip for $300,000+. The $60,000 gross profit will be used to pay Ricky Gutierrez’ interest, closing fee, renovations and make a profit.

Education & Career

Ricky’s First Job Helping His Father (at 5 years old)

When Ricky was 5 (!) years old, every weekend Saturday/Sunday he and his cousin would have to come to help at his dad’s work. His dad had a contracting company with his brothers and he was very passionate about tiles.

Ricky would hand his father the tiles. He did this until his first year in high school.

One of his father goals was to make Ricky found out that it was important to do good at school so he didn’t have to do that type of work.
His father instilled how to work hard for your money and has been a huge role model.

Ricky Gutierrez Finger Skateboard ‘Company’

When Ricky was 14 years old, he used to skateboard all the time (and he was pretty good!). He and his friends would play with finger boards. These are miniature skateboards you move around with your fingers. The industry leader was a company that sold finger board for prices ranging from $30 to $100. Ricky and his friends saw an opportunity to compete and started to make their own ones. Over time his friends dropped out of their little company until Ricky was the only one left making them.

Three years later he still made those finger boards more as a hobby. Some months he would make a couple of hundred dollars resulting in a couple of thousand dollars a year. At that age that’s quite an impressive amount! He would make YouTube video’s and sell them online.

These were the first signs that Ricky had that real hustler mentality in him. He would have this little 3-mould production facility where he produced 2 or 3 sets a day.

First Real Estate

When Ricky had money available to buy a car he really loved (Nissan GTR), his father advised him to put that money to a down payment for a property he could use to generate rental income. He ended up listening to his father’s advice. This ended up being a very pivotal moment in his life.

Six months later Ricky had the opportunity to buy his neighbours property. With that cashflow he was able to buy two condo’s one year later.

Ricky Gutierrez’ First Stock Trading Experiences

Since he wasn’t a big big spender, he saved all his money which helped him put the right resources towards for example his trader account.

When Ricky was 14/15 years old he found out about the stock market. He opened a custodial account and started buying penny stocks. Since he had such little knowledge he ended up losing a significant part of his money, which was very discouraging.

He went back to the drawing board and opened a paper account and started trading for quite a while. His goal was to prove himself that he could realize consistent growth until he permitted himself to start trading real money again.

Ricky Gutierrez has always been a very determined and consistent person. This helped him make sure he would master trading one day!

Ricky Gutierrez with his cars

Adult Life

On his 18th birthday his brother (who owns a used car dealership) gave him the opportunity to flip a Honda Civic. This opened an entire new world for him. Since then he has flipped multiple cars. He even started to buy high end exotic cars. Ricky doesn’t let the cars depreciate. Up to today he has always made profits on all his car trades.

When he was 18 years old he started breaking even with his day trading activities.

His finger board company still brought some money in but he also started to resell Alibaba/Ali Express items on Amazon and Ebay with his cousin. This was enough to pay the bills.

From the age of 18 to 22 Ricky had a commission based job in a telecommunication company. There were moments where he did this full-time and there were moments where he did it part-time.

A couple days before his 21st birthday Ricky purchased another property.

From the first moment he moved to Arizona, he started networking to find likeminded entrepreneurial people. Shortly after, he purchased a neighbouring property for rental purposes.

Ricky believes that passion has to be a big driver when getting involved in certain business activities. This is how he grew Techbud Solutions to a community with 200k+ members!

Personal life

Ricky Gutierrez has two Mexican parents and comes from a more conservative upbringing and is raised Catholic. He still goes to church every Sunday.

His father came to the US with his brothers and lived in Orange County, California. His father and his brothers started a contracting company and were able to make an acceptable living.

How Old Is Ricky Gutierrez?

Ricky’s birthday is January 2, 1995.

Where Does Ricky Gutierrez Live?

Even though Ricky is raised in California, he lives in Arizona.

Does Ricky Have A Girlfriend?

Ricky has a girlfriend, but we haven’t been able to find out more information!

Ricky Gutierrez with girlfriend

Learn Plan Profit – Ricky Gutierrez Stock Trading Course​

Because Ricky is very passionate about creating a community where knowledge is shared, he has started his own trading course called ‘Learn Plan Profit’. In this course, Ricky teaches about long term financial planning, the fundamentals of investing in the stock market, but also about the mechanics of trading.

Subjects Ricky Gutierrez discusses in his trading course are:

  • Mechanics of trading
  • How to read indicators
  • Bull & Bear flag patterns
  • When to cover profits
  • How to set up TD Ameritrade
  • How to identify swing stocks
  • Introduction to ETF’s

On top of the ‘standard’ trading course, you get access to the following information:

  • Ricky Gutierrez live trading sessions (daily)
  • Private group chat
  • A weekly watchlist

Warning: Ricky is very clear on the fact that he doesn’t provide any refund. This is not very common in the world of Finvid Youtubers..

The price of Ricky Gutierrez Stock Trading Course is $299


Streams of Revenue

Ricky Gutierrez’ Stock Portfolio

Above you can see his top holdings, but since he is a very active day trader, it is difficult to put a dollar amount on this stream of revenue. A few months in a row he paid himself $15,000 a month from his day trading account.

Ricky Gutierrez Youtube Channel

In April 2016 Ricky started publishing video’s on YouTube about his adventures as a car and stock market enthousiast. Over time he garnished almost a million subscribers!

On average Ricky gets 1.5 million views per month which results in an estimate YouTube income of $5,000.

Rick Gutierrez’ Trading Course

Ricky charges $299 for his trading courses. Taking into account his previous statements, online interest and search traffic, we estimate he sells 35 courses a month. This comes down to $10,500 of monthly income.

Hard Cash Loans

Ricky Gutierrez behind his desk

For a while Ricky has partnered up with a local real estate agent who flips houses. Ricky provides the cash and the real estate agent takes care of the rest. He stated to have given loans of $500,000 with $5,000 interest per month. Since he has done more then a dozen of loans, we estimate he always has an outstanding loan on which he earns $5,000 a month.

Ricky Gutierrez’ Net Worth

We estimate that Ricky Gutierrez earns over $30,000 a month. Considering available sources and statements made in his content, we estimate Rick Gutierrez net worth around $1.5 – $2.5 million.

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