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Meet Kevin (Kevin Paffrath) Net Worth

Dave Fenger

Dave Fenger

Meet Kevin

Table of Contents

Who is Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin is a young real estate broker and investor from Ventura, United States whose full real name is Kevin Paffrath. He has a wife and two children and is very active (and successful) on Youtube.

Meet Kevin’s Stock Portfolio

Meet Kevin likes to refer to his portfolio as the ‘Kevin index’. After a closer look it becomes clear that he likes to keep his portfolio well diversified. Most of the stocks he owns are big S&P500 companies like Target, Apple, Tesla and Amazon. 20% of his stocks have high growth potential like Peloton, Etsy and Docusign.

Overall we believe Meet Kevin did a great job creating a stock portfolio meant for long term growth with low healthy upside potential.

Investment strategy

Meet Kevin’s Stock Portfolio Investing Strategy

Meet Kevin always tries to buy stocks on days the stock market is ‘red’. For example: if you have $10K to invest, Meet Kevin would invest $1K on every ‘red day’ until all money has been invested. This process should take 4 to 6 weeks. He is not a strong proponent in the long term (12 months) ‘dollar cost averaging’ strategy where you invest your stock on a certain set of stocks to prevent fluctuation.

Meet Kevin expects to own these rental properties for at least 30 years and thinks it’s a low risk to run.

Meet Kevin’s Real-Estate Investing Strategy

Kevin is known for having a deep understanding of his local real-estate market and is the king of ‘wedge deals’. By buying properties that are undervalued, he is able to get a direct profit from day 1. A wedge deal is an the acquisition of property that is highly undervalued. This gives you an instant profit from the first day of ownership.

Education & Career

Meet Kevin has always been very clear on his income. By selecting the year, you will have a detailed overview of Meet Kevin’s experiences!

2009 – Net Worth: $0.00 – Tax Return Income: $3,000

When Meet Kevin was 17 years old he didn’t work much and skipped school a lot to play video games. He did actually take honors and AP classes resulting in scoring a 3.2 GPA, which is considered ‘good’.

2010 – Meet Kevin’s Net Worth: $3,000 & Tax Return Income: $8,079

Meet Kevin started studying to get his real estate license since he figured it would give him enough flexibility to combine with his high school education. He got his real estate licence in 2010.

2011 – Meet Kevin’s Net worth: $9,000 & Tax Return Income: $13,396

When Meet Kevin was 19 years old he closed his first real-estate deal and made more money in one transaction ($13,396) than he mode in the whole year working at Red Robin. This was when he started to save up money, invest in stocks and further develop his real-estate career. Kevin noticed that property owners didn’t know what they were doing when they would renovate their property to prepare it for the leasing business.

He noticed that people would consider putting in expensive tiles or equipment while that brought no extra return on investment. Kevin started sharing his knowledge and experience which resulted thousands of dollars in savings. This made increase his customer base in property management significantly. He also began to increase his notoriety by running ads and putting a big sticker of his face on his Toyota Prius. This worked out really well for him.

2012 – Meet Kevin’s Net Worth: $189,000 & Tax Return Income: $47,828

In 2012 when he was 20 years old, his taxable income was still very limited because he only had one transaction this year. His net worth increased because he purchased a severally undervalued $305,000 home. This was his first property. He got the same home appraised for $550,000 12 months later.

2013 – Meet Kevin’s Net Worth: $469,000 & Tax Return Income: $161,212

Kevin refinanced his first home and got a $80,000 line of credit (HELOC) which he used to buy his first rental property.

This rental property was undervalued because it was in dire need for renovation. Kevin’s wife Lauren and he did almost everything themselves. Whether is was scrubbing the linoleum, fixing insulation or putting in a new kitchen, all to keep costs low.

In this year Kevin ended up representing about 35 clients, of which he renovated 22 rental/buying/selling properties. Because he got so experienced in renovating properties, he got a good feel for what renovation were worth the costs.
Meet Kevin Toyota Prius

2014 – Meet Kevin’s Net Worth: $789,500 & Tax Return Income: $295,916

In this year his customer base grew to over 50 clients for which majority he would do a lot of rental/buy/seller renovations. In order to buy his second rental property, he got another Rental Property Line of Credit (RELOC). Needless to say that also this home Kevin and his wife bought far under market value. Whenever he would have some extra money he would pay off his lines of credit so he would have that money available again.

2015 – Meet Kevin’s Net Worth: $1,263,000 & Tax Return Income: $381,188

In 2015 Meet Kevin and his wife Lauren had a very stressful year. Kevin represented over 60 clients and renovated over 40 properties. On most of his client’s renovations his clients netted $40,000-$80,000 in profits that would have gone unrealized had it not been for his savviness and cost-efficiency.

He bought a new house using a 80-10-10 loan where you pay down 10% of the value.

2016 – Meet Kevin’s Net Worth: $1,793,000 & Tax Return Income: $161,005

In this year Meet Kevin represented fewer clients because he invested a lot of time setting up a contracting company that he could use when doing renovations for his clients. A lot of his time went to getting his contractor licence and lending license.

He also bought a short sale house this year.

2017 – Meet Kevin’s Net Worth: $2,318,000 & Tax Return Income: $110,011

Meet Kevin started his contracting company. His taxable income went down because he wrote off all the costs he occurred in setting up his business. His income was around $400,000 but invested (and wrote off) $250,000. At this point Kevin has 6 properties with a $3.5 million appreciation. Kevin bought another ‘fixer-upper’. Around the end of this year Meet Kevin started his Youtube channel.

2018 – Meet Kevin’s Net Worth: $2,500,000 & Tax Return Income: $0

In 2018 Meet Kevin had so many tax write-offs that his taxable income became negative. Real estate appreciation was relatively flat this year because the real-estate market dipped. Kevin had to lay off a lot of people because property owners started pulling their property of the market and delayed renovations.

2019 – Meet Kevin’s Net Worth: $3,975,000 & Tax Return Income: $1,030,000

This year Meet Kevin let go of every employee he had because he found it easier to manage renovation jobs himself. He started earning money on Youtube which made him $360,000. Instead of saving that money, he immediately put that back in buying real estate. This resulted in Meet Kevin buying 3 more properties.

2020 – Meet Kevin’s Net Worth: $5,006,662 & Tax Return Income: TBD

In 2020 Meet Kevin experienced extreme growth. His Tesla (TSLA) stock quadrupled creating $250,000 in gains. He was also able to profit from buying more stocks in the March’20 dip due to the COVID-19 stock market crash.

Meet Kevin and Lauren Paffrath

Personal life

Kevin has always been very positive about the he was raised. In 2008 he met his current wife in Paris. Kevin decided to take action swiftly and left his family in Florida to move in with Laura and her parents.

Their first boy is born in 2015 and a few years later Meet Kevin’s Wife gave birth to their second offspring.


Meet Kevin is 28 years old.


He Currently resides in Ventura, California but was born and raised in Florida.


In 2008 Kevin met Lauren in Paris. Meet Kevin’s Wife gave birth to two children.

Meet Kevin on Teachable

Besides a YouTube channel, Meet Kevin has a lot of Teachable courses. We listed them one by one so you can review them!

Teachable: Real Estate Investing: From $0 to Millionaire & Beyond

In this teachable course Meet Kevin shares tips & tricks how to become a millionaire by investing in real estate. Subjects he discusses are Contracts, Negotiations and more.

Teachable: Build Wealth Making Youtube Videos

Meet Kevin and his wife have been extremely successful in making Youtube video’s. In this course he shares his tricks to edit video’s in matter of minutes and how to monetize your channel with affiliates, partnerships and sponsors.

Teachable: The DIY Property Management & Rental Renovation Course

If you know a little bit about Meet Kevin, you know that he and his wife don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Kevin has been able to get to his success because he found a cost-effective way of renovating homes. He only spends money on features that actually add value to his property. In this course he shares all his knowledge.

Teachable: Stocks & the Psychology of Money

On this course Meet Kevin shares his knowledge on stocks, family finance, negotiating riases, employment tricks, fundamental stock analysis, strategies to invest more and tips about paying taxes.

Teachable: Real Estate Sales: From $0 to $500k & Beyond by Becoming a No-Pressure Agent®

Meet Kevin has sold a lot of properties when he was an active licensed real-estate agent. He tells you all about closing more, increasing your net profit and becoming more efficient.

Teachable: Coaching Call & Video Copy with Meet Kevin

Have you always wanted to have a 1-on-1 with Kevin? This could be your opportunity.

Meet Kevin’s (and his wife’s) Real Estate

2011 Property #1Original: $300,00Valuation: $500,000
2013 Property #2Original: $384,700Valuation: $550,000
2014 Property #3Original: $425,000Valuation: $550,000
2015 Property #4Original: $602,000Valuation: $650,000
2016 Property #5Original: $384,700Valuation: $550,000
2016 Property #6Original: $510,000Valuation: $-
2017 Property #7Original: $688,000Valuation: $900,000
2018 Property #8Original: $482,000Valuation: $620,000
2019 Property #9Original: $465,000Valuation: $775,000
2019 Property #11Original: $465,000Valuation: $640,000
2020 Property #12Original: $660,000Valuation: $825,000
2020 Property #13Original: $525,000Valuation: $700,000
2020 Property #14Original: $450,000Valuation: $700,000
2020 Property #15Original: $559,000Valuation: $700,000
2020 Property #16Original: $580,000Valuation: $725,000
2020 Property #17Original: $ undisclosedValuation: $ undisclosed
2020 Property #18Original: $750,000Valuation: $-
2020 Property #19Original: $722,000Valuation: $850,000
2020 Property #20Original: $1,330,000Valuation: $1,500,000
2020 Property #21Original: $1,265.000Valuation: $-

Meet Kevin Youtube studio

Streams of Revenue


Meet Kevin’s portfolio currently has a value of $9 million. He holds his stocks with several brokers. Webull is one of them (register through this link and get 4 free stock worth $8-$1600!).

As can be seen in the beginning of this page, his biggest holdings are Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Target and Peleton.


Meet Kevin has been publishing video’s on a daily base for a few years now. This resulted in over a million subscribers and a tremendous amount of views. With his current amount of average views, Meet Kevin and his wife earn $7k a day and $225k a month! Not bad right?


We estimate that Meet Kevin’s earnings from Teachable is somewhere between $30,000 – $55,000 per month.

As you can see below, Meet Kevin and his wife have acquired a lot of property for their rental business. If you add all of these properties up, you come to a sweet $17,000,000 value. Keep in mind, Meet Kevin and his wife often use a mortgage, so this tells nothing about their actual ‘net worth’.

Meet Kevin’s Net worth

Based on all the above information, we estimate that Meet Kevin has a net worth of $6 million dollars.

We wrote an interesting article about Meet Kevin’s YouTube  performances. Check it out!

Meet Kevin Youtube earnings
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