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Let’s Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue​ Net Worth

Dave Fenger

Dave Fenger

Joseph Hogue Youtube

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Joseph Hogue’s Stock Portfolio

Joseph Hogue is a seasoned investor with multiple portfolios. Below are his favorite dividend stocks. This is a well diversified group active in apparel, packaged food, life insurance to name a few. Joseph is not shy to add ‘sin stocks’ to his portfolio. In this case it’s OLN, an ammunition manufacturer.

Investment strategy

Joseph likes to research stocks on their fundamentals. He is one of the few Youtube stockmarket investors with an active Chartered Financial Analyst title. Joseph has a very complex and well diversified investment strategy that include dividends, ETF’s, penny stocks and regular stocks. As you see in his portfolio, he tries to be in all industries in order to create as much stability as possible.

Education & Career

Joseph successfully attained his BA in Communications Studies and his BS in Finance through Iowa State University in 2003. He didn’t sit still and got his MBA through a part-time program while he worked as Senior Financial Reporting Analyst at a risk management firm.

Joseph Hogue stock marketThe next move was a governmental job collecting and analyzing information about Iowa’s labor market. After working here for five years, he went commercial again. He did some consultancy through his own business where his clients were small to medium-sized firms with analysis or reporting needs. In 2013 Joseph Hogue became Director of Institutional Research at a venture capital firm and only stayed there for 2 years.

He set up multiple websites about personal finance, crowdfunding and peer lending. It is not known how successful these are. Besides his websites, he has written and published multiple books about start-up funding, passive income, investing and much more!

In 2017 Joseph started creating content about the stock market and what stocks to pick. After hundreds of hundreds of videos, he has gained a sizeable following.

Personal life

Joseph Hogue is born and raised in Iowa and is a Marine Corps veteran. Later on in life he understood that being rich is not a substitute for being happy.


Joseph is 43 years old.


Born and raised in Iowa but currently resides in New York.


Joseph has a wife and two children.

Joseph Hogue with family

Online presence


Joseph created his YouTube account back in 2015 to publish supporting content for his websites. A few years later he started a journey what would result in 500+ video’s to date!

During the years he achieved steady growth and as of today he garnishes almost a million views a month.


If you’re interested in infographics about finance, Joseph’s page might be interesting to you. He is very active a has multiple posts per week.

Sources of revenue

Joseph Hogue is the king of having different streams of revenue! He has real estate, multiple websites, publishes books and the list goes on. We’ll tell you all about it.


It has never been public knowledge what the market value of his stocks are. We know that his portfolio is extremely diversified through dividends, ETF’s and regular stocks.


Born from his passion, Joseph started two blogs in 2014 and another four in 2016. Each blog let’s him share his knowledge and passion. His websites are about peer lending, crowdfunding and personal finance.

He claims to have a monthly revenue of $3,000.

Joseph Hogue youtube

Publishing Books​

Joseph Hogue has written a whooping 12 books about finance. He is self published and writes about a large variety of subjects like dividends, passive income, starting a youtube channel, crowdfunding and so on.

We looked up his sales and estimate he made around $15,000 to date.

Real estate​

Since Joseph used to be an intern at a real estate agency, this is known territory. He has multiple real estate properties for which he outsources the daily management.

Net worth

Let’s talk Money! with Joseph Hogue has been going for a while now, but never has he shared information about his net worth. Joseph has mentioned that he already has enough wealth to retire. Assessing his portfolio, we estimate a net worth of 1.5 million dollars.

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