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Kenan Grace Net Worth

Dave Fenger

Dave Fenger

Kenan Grace Youtube

Table of Contents

Who is Kenan Grace

Kenan Grace is an investor in the stock market and publishes video’s on YouTube about personal finance, his trades, stock picks and his stock portfolio.

Kenan Grace’s Stock Portfolio

Kenan Grace hold a diversified portfolio. These are his biggest holdings that provides him some stability. Kenan is very interested in the penny stock market, but since he opens and closes positions often, we haven’t displayed his penny stock holdings. Most of his penny stocks are in the pharmaceutical industry.

Kenan Grace’s Stock Market Investment Strategy

When preparing his stock trades, Kenan follows the ‘proper preparation prevents poor performance’ discipline. He likes to do his own research and to be well prepared.

When the electronic car manufacturer Nio had a big event where the stock price was set to significantly increase or decrease, Kenan applied his 5P principle. He made sure to have enough cash available in case the price would go down.

Kenan Grace’s Personal Finance Strategy

Kenan loves to share his insights and experiences regarding personal finance management. One of the topics he discusses is ‘lifestyle inflation’.

When he got his first professional job, he started earning much more than he was used to. Kenan went straight to a BMW car dealer and almost signed a 700 dollars-a-month lease. It did not feel good and he ended up not signing the contract. Even though he dodged the bullet on that burden, he did actually buy the newest phones and got the best insurances.

In hindsight he understood that people tend to start spending a lot more when they have an increase in income. In case this person loses their job, they will not be able to maintain this lifestyle. Instead of inflating your income by increasing your expenses, Kenan Grace would advice to put that extra money towards paying of debt or start investing.

Education & Career

Kenan Grace used to work in the mall when he was in college and hardly made any money. He shared that he started making 15x times his ‘parttime’ income.

Personal life

Since Kenan doesn’t share a lot about his personal wife, we really don’t know a lot! Feel free to share any missing information.

Kenan Grace’s Age

We don’t know Kenan’s exact age, but we estimate he is 28 years old!


Kenan seems to live in New York, United States.


It is not clear whether Kenan Grace has a girlfriend or a wife

Sources of revenue


Kenan Grace’s YouTube channel has experienced quite some growth. With 1.5+ million views we estimate that he earns $6,000 a month.

Stock Market & Dividends

It seems that Kenan Grace has $30K – $50K worth of stocks in the stock market. He reinvests his monthly dividend earnings.

Kenan Grace Net worth

Kenan is a beginning investor and YouTuber, we estimate that his net worth is around $30K – $55K.

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