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January 2016

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Financial Education Jeremy

Financial Education's Portfolio

Jeremy from Financial Education has diversified his public portfolio in an interesting way. All of the stocks he hold are stocks with a lot of growth potential in them.

*Last 12 months

Investment strategy

When looking for growth stock that could 5x – 10x your investment, Jeremy looks for a few factors.

The company has to have a 10% revenue increase for many years to come.

Instead of looking at the company’s financials, Jeremy likes to look at the business first. This gives him a better understanding of the potential. Places where you can learn about the business are the shareholder’s conference calls or annual and quarter reports. 

There have been occasions where Jeremy from Financial Education was not able to fully understand how a company is going to grow over the coming years. His golden rule is not to invest if this is the case.

Market opportunity

Another criteria is that there has to be a big market opportunity that is, or will, experience high growth. The company he researches has to have a big chance to be, or become, the number one player in that market.

CEO of the company

Once the company fits to all the above criteria. He looks into the background of the CEO. Examples of great CEO’s are Steve Jobs, Marc Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Elon Musk. Great CEO’s can make all the differences in the level of a company’s succes.


The lack of competition in the market you want to invest is, gives you an edge. It gives your company the opportunity to take initial market share. This makes it more difficult for future competitors to enter the market.


Once you have a better understanding of the business and the market, Jeremy dives into the financials. Financial Education likes to follow the below criteria to come to a right valuation:

  • 5 year future revenue
  • 5 year future net income
  • 5 year future market share
  • Development of the competitive landscape

Education & Career

Jeremy Lefebvre started investing in stocks when he was 18 years old and had a net worth under $1,000. He learned a lot from Warren Buffett who is an investing legend billionaire. 

While he was in community college he had the chance to be taught by an excellent accounting teacher. He learned to read income statements, balance sheets and cash flows on a high level.

At only 20 years old, Jeremy was hired as an assistant manager by Quicktrip, a fast food chain in Arizona. He did well and moved up ranks swiftly, ending up helping the company opening a new location in Charlotte, North Carolina.

When his first son was born at age 24, he left the company. By this moment he had around $200,000 in stocks as a result of savings and well-performing stocks.

At age 25, Jeremy started a real estate marketing business ass well as the Financial Education Youtube channel.

As of today, Jeremy tries to spend as much as possible time on his Youtube channels, his stock buying courses and expanding his stock portfolio bigger and bigger.

Financial education jeremy with youtube

Who Is Jeremy Lefebvre from Financial Education

Jeremy’s life didn’t start of the most favorable way. When he was born in Phoenix, Arizona, his family had a difficult time making ends meet. They struggled so much that they lived off of food stamps and government support.

When Jeremy was 10 years old, his father quit his poorly paying car salesman’s job, and started a pool business. The risk paid off and a few years later they were able to move into a better neighborhood.

School and the education system has always been a place where Jeremy didn’t thrive in. He is the type of person that wants to learn things through actually gaining experience by doing.

Once he got into college, he started to get interested in investing. His accounting teacher at school learned him how to read balance sheets, basic financials and other investment fundamentals.

Jeremy's Age

Jeremy Lefebvre is born in 1989. He is currently 31 years old.


Besides his first home in Las Vegas, Jeremy from Financial Education also has a second home in Arizona.


We do know Jeremy from Financial Education has a girlfriend but we don’t know who it is. Whether they got married and it’s his wife, we don’t know!

Jeremy financial education

Streams of Revenue


We know that Jeremy from Financial Education has multiple accounts, but we have only detailed access to one.

You already saw the actual stocks on top of this account. The value of these stocks is $1 million dollars.

Based on what Jeremy told us throughout the time, we estimate that he holds around $2.5 million dollars in stocks.

Portfolio & stock updates

New stock picks

Personal finance


Jeremy has multiple channels on Youtube. He did this to fully take advantage of the Youtube algorithm. Below we’ll share what he earns per channel.

Financial Education (1)

On this channel Jeremy discusses the stock market. He has over 650K+ subscribers and earns around $4K a month.

Financial Education 2

This channel has been created in the end of 2017. In the beginning he discussed newly launched products. These days the channel is used to discuss the stock market, politics and other news he wants to share. This channel has over 170K+ subscribers and makes him $2K+ a month.

Jeremy Lefebvre - Financial Education 3

The Youtube algorithm made Financial Education focus more and more on the stock market. Every video he launched that was not related to the stock market, would significantly damage the channel’s performance. For this reason he decided to create a new channel. On this channel he publishes non-stockmarket related news. His first video is from the end of 2020 and can be considered as fairly new. With his 25K+ subscribers he earns around $1K a month.

Financial Education / Financial Fortress

Jeremy likes to share his knowledge and has created a company to coach ‘new’ investors in their journey. He has not published any information on how many customers he has, but we expect him to get 10 customers a month based on search results.

The course costs around $7.500 a year, so that totals to a sweet $75.000 a month. 

Book 'The greatness inside you awaits"

In 2017 Jeremy wrote a book named ‘The greatness inside you awaits’. In this motivational book he writes about the struggle he had to go through and how he garnished succes with Financial Education.

Based on the amount of reviews and coverage by media we don’t think this was very profitable. We estimate him to sell a few book a month as of 2020.

Real estate

Jeremy has two homes on his name. One home is in Las Vegas and his other home is in Arizona. We do know that his home in Arizone has been bought for $585,000. He did use a mortgage to pay for it, but he also claims that the value has already gone up $75K – $100K.

Financial Education's Jeremy Lefebvre Net worth

Based on all the above information, we estimate that Jeremy Lefebvre has a net worth of $4.5 million dollars.

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