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George Perez' Stock Portfolio

George recently shared an overview of his high growth portfolio including the cost basis. His portfolio is heavy on e-commerce, technology and EV stocks. It is clear that he invests early in stocks that have the potential of high growth. To balance out these risks, Amazon, Alibaba and Square are included in his portfolio. 

*Last 12 months

Investment strategy

When looking at George Perez’ portfolio, it becomes apparent the he is nor a swing- neither a day trader.

High growth is the keyword of his investment strategy. Once he sees a company that fits the initial criteria, he thoroughly researches the financials, product and potential. His Amazon, Square and Nio stocks are a great testimony to this.

Besides research, George is not shy to buy the dips. When Microsoft had a huge dip, he invested massively in this stock which gave him a decent increase of value.

Education & Career

In his younger years his first job was being a cashier at a supermarket. He earned a whooping $7,25 an hour at a supermarket called ‘Path Mark’ in Queens, New York.

After quitting his job at accounting firm Ernst & Young over eight years ago, he hasn’t worked a job since. George claims to have set up multiple six and seven figures e-commerce companies selling directly to tens of thousands satisfied consumers on a yearly basis. Over time he has learned a lot about investing, business marketing and the stock market.

Personal life

Being the youngest son of three, his parents came to the United Stats of America looking for better opportunities. They came to this country without any means other then the clothes on their back. His parents have never been taught to manage their personal finances and had to perform hard physical labour to make ends meet.He was raised in Queens, New York.


George Perez is 23 years old.


Even though we have no hard evidence of his current residence, the geo tags on his Instagram posts shows he is often in and around Brooklyn, New York.


Being a very private person, so far there has been not information whether George Perez has a relationship.

Sources of revenue

George has multiple sources of revenue. Besides his e-commerce businesses, his stock holdings and Youtube advertisement income, he also gets paid by his Patreon members.


As of November 2020 his portfolio contains 12 stocks. Because of his long term investment strategy his stocks won’t generate a lot of liquid cash. 


With as of today 2300 Patreon members, George has no problem profiting from his Youtube fame. We estimate a monthly revenue of over $16.000. 


Interestingly enough his Patreon account significantly outperforms his Youtube earnrings. With over half a milion views a month, he can expect to earn a good $2.000 a month.

George Perez's Net worth

So far, George has had a very moving life. He started doing business with $500 on his bankaccount and has built this up an impressive portfolio.

He claims to have a couple of six and seven numbers e-commerce businesses. All these streams of revenues and properties combined, it’s fair to expect George Perez to have a net worth of minimal 5 million dollars.

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