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Chris Sain Jr. Net Worth

Dave Fenger

Dave Fenger

Chris Sain Jr Youtube

Table of Contents

Chris Sain’s Portfolio

Chris Sain Jr. holds a well diversified portfolio and is not shy to invest in the next Amazons and Teslas of the stock market.

Investment strategy

Chris Sean likes to have a well diversified portfolio. Companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Tesla are the backbone of his holdings.

Education & Career

Chris has had a very tumultuous career path. He started as a very talented high school football player. When it didn’t seem to work out he re-evaluated and decided to go all-in his education which resulted in a Bachelor of Social Work and a Master of Social Work degree.

In 2008 he founded Grand C.I.T.Y. Sports. This is a community driven non-profit organization in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s purpose is to reach out to the youth and try to positively influence them through sports and education.

In 2014 Chris Sain started his own company called ‘Chris Inc. Marketing Group’. Through this company provides social media and content creation services.

In January 2020 Chris started publishing content on Youtube about investing and the stock market. It is not surprising that his content has a very educational angle.

Personal life

Chris Sain Jr was a star football athlete in high school and dreamed of getting the ‘good life’. For unknown reasons he did not pursue this path. Instead he went on to earn two degrees by age 24, start his own nonprofit, and make a career out of mentoring youth and giving coaching courses.

Chris Sain’s Age

Chris Sain Jr. is 34 years old.


Michigan has been Chris’ home for a majority part of his life. He currently lives in Grand Rapids.


He married his long-time girlfriend, Corinthia in 2012. He has a stepson.

Chris sain in restaurant

Sources of revenue


Chris Sain is known for his frequent uploads. He publishes around 2 video’s a day about the stock market. In most of his content he dives deeper in certain public trading companies to see whether they make up for a good buying opportunity. Most of the times he has a segment called ‘Stock Lingo’. In this segment he explains what certain terms mean.

In the months of November’20 he made around $39,000 in revenue from Youtube alone. Not bad at all.

Chris Sain Apparel

Always wanted to get a piece of Chris Sain? He has an apparel line with a few designs available for different types of clothing.


Chris Sain Jr has written two books so far. After some research we found that these books, despite their raving reviews, haven’t brought in a significant amount of revenue.

Finding Real Love in the Love & Hip Hop Era

LOVE is the highest aspiration we should have! Chris Sain Jr. relationship expert among other things, has coined this generations quest for love as the Love & Hip Hop Era where finding real love has been an evasive rollercoaster ride that has eluded most men and women. Everyone is on a quest to find real love. Who isn’t looking for love?

Dumb Athlete: How My Biggest Fear Became My Biggest Motivator

Not all legend is about victory. Sometimes it’s about the struggle. Spearheaded by the media’s portrayal of African American men, it is believed by many, that most urban inner-city youth will be dead or in jail by twenty-five. Although cliché, with high school drop-out rates escalating and unemployment impacting minorities much more severely than other races, today’s urban youth who lack hope and direction, have embraced dying young or spending the rest of their lives in prison.


Besides his activity on the stock market, Chris Sain is also a passionate coach. You can order his services in a ‘a la carte’ style. We have not been able to confirm how often he gets booked.

1-on-1 Stock Market Coaching

During this session you could go through your portfolio, discuss options or talk about the tax aspect of investing.
20-45 minutes for $99.99

1-on-1 Investing for Beginners (3 sessions)

During this course you will learn all the basics of investing. He helps you find the right stocks, determine your goal and much more.
20-35 minutes for $299.97

Special Emergency 1-on-1 Coaching

This package is for people that need immediate help with an urgent issue. The session will take place within the next 24 to 48 hours.
45-60 minutes for $1,000

Chris Sain’s Net worth

We estimate that Chris Sain Jr’s net worth is around $300K.

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