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December 18, 2020

In this article: Stock Market Outlook – Tesla – Nio – Teladoc – Apartment Investment and Management Co

Stock Market Outlook

Stock Moe - Market Outlook

  • Doesn’t see any sign of a crash coming up
  • The FED will continue their $120 billion dollar per month purchase program. This is a great sign for the stock market next year.
  • Expects 2021 and 2022 to be great years.
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Stock Moe hero profile

NASDAQ: TSLA - Tesla Inc

Stock Moe - Tesla

  • S&P Global Ratings upgraded the stock to a BB from a BB- rating.
  • After the capital raise this week, the company is able to become ‘net zero for debt’, meaning they have enough money to expand.
  • S&P500 inclusion is coming up on Monday before the market opens.
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Joseph Hogue - Tesla

  • Given Tesla’s valuation, it will get a 2% share in the S&P 500
    • $100 billion worth of shares will have to be bought by the funds in order to include Tesla in the S&P 500
Lets talk money - Joseph Hogue hero profile

NYSE: NIO - Nio Inc - ADR

Stock Moe - Nio

  • Stock Moe feels really happy about Nio.
  • The base has been set around $42.00 after Nio’s capital raise.
  • Stock Moe loves Nio’s current price
Stock Moe hero profile

NYSE: TDOC - Teladoc Health Inc​

Jack Spencer - Teladoc

  • Institutions own 55% of the company
  • Over the next year or so, Jack Spencer is not totally sure whether the company will experience a lot of growth. He does think telehealth is a growth market for the long term.
  • Average price prediction of Teladoc target from 26 analysts comes to $243 a share.
  • Business Insider reported that Amazon is building a telehealth services business that could compete against Teladoc. This will create downwards pressure. Jack doesn’t believe that Amazon could hurt Teladoc since they will help to grow the market.
Jack Spencer Investing hero profile

NYSE: AIV - Apartment Investment and Management Co

Stock Moe - AIV

  • This stock will be de-listed from the S&P500 as a result of the Tesla listing.
  • Could be an opportunity for ‘short’ moves since all the funds will have to sell this stock.
Stock Moe hero profile

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