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All The Ricky Gutierrez Thinkorswim Secrets Summarized!

Dave Fenger

Dave Fenger

Ricky Gutierrez Thinkorswim

Table of Contents

Stock market trader and self-made millionaire Ricky Gutierrez is one of the influencers leading the charge in creating the next generation of investors. The 26-year-old started off trading penny stocks and later ended up becoming the youngest millionaire in Arizona.

Ricky Gutierrez’s day trading accounts for more than 60% of his monthly income. Ricky Gutierrez’s stock portfolio consists of investments in major corporations, including Peloton Interactive, the Alibaba Group and Tesla.

The Start Of Ricky Gutierrez

He started on YouTube describing his stock trading journey. Ricky’s go-to software for all his trading is thinkorswim. Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade is an electronic trading platform by TD Ameritrade generally used for self-directed stock trades and stock options. This robust platform is the go-to location for Ricky Gutierrez to day trade. We take a more in-depth look at what exactly goes into the variables to bring the success numbers.

In November 2015, the college graduate from the University of Arizona started the Ricky Gutierrez YouTube Channel to learn from trading stock online. Little did he know that his videos and the channel helped a lot of people trade stocks.

Tech Bud Solutions On Facebook

Today Ricky Gutierrez has built a massive following. His YouTube channel has over 1 million views monthly and has over 1 million subscribers. His channel has a big following including primarily millennials who are deeply interested in getting into the art of trading.

Ricky also has his trading course, the Learn Plan Profit course, and has a massive following on his Facebook group TechBud Solutions as a learning space for traders. While Ricky is leading the way as an entrepreneur and stock trader, he does not leave anyone behind. You might think if you had a unique proposition in making things work, they might be heavily invested in keeping it for yourself, Ricky Gutierrez, believes differently. Joining the Tech Bud Solutions Facebook page is totally free!

He aspires to build the next generation of traders and opens up every detail on his settings he uses to be of use for anyone starting up or who has no idea about the thinkorswim platform.

The Ricky Gutierrez thinkorswim set up!

Thinkorswim is a free to trade application if you live in the United States and is available as a download for Windows and Mac OS. The Ricky Gutierrez thinkorswim set up is a different approach from the default settings. He optimized it to his benefit to get the best results allowing him to be on top of all things.

Here’s a snapshot of all the settings and the different variables from the Ricky Gutierrez thinkorswim configuration.

Time Frame

Ricky sets his frequencies with a custom setting to be three days, 20 minutes. This way, it allows him to view better the individual stock and how it has progressed over time to make better judgments.

Here, the Ricky Gutierrez stock trader sense comes in to play since this provides a more profound snapshot of progress and increases the judgment skills.

Drawing Lines

By drawing lines on the application, Ricky finds patterns that he can use to monitor the stock. His favorite go-to option is the trend line tool. The tradelines allow him to calculate profit and make it easy for him to distinguish the advantages.

Drawing lines thinkorswim


One of the most asked questions on the TechBuds Solutions group after watching the countless videos about the Ricky Gutierrez thinkorswim interface was how he added the volume to the dashboard.

Ricky does that by simply ticking the overlapped volume option on settings.


Alerts are another essential aspect in trading, according to Ricky. They are key information pieces in the Ricky Gutierrez thinkorswim configuration, but Ricky makes them look less abrupt to not interfere with his dashboard.

By changing the alerts setting to ‘Show Arrows,’ he has his alerts displayed as arrows and can be viewed only when needed. It takes the clutter out so that it helps Ricky Gutierrez’s stock trading.

Expansion Area

There is always space on Ricky’s charts to the right so that he has adequate space to work. All of the Ricky Gutierrez thinkorswim charts come in candle style and are filled, which is also his personal choice.

Extended Hours Trading Session

Ricky ticks this on the Chart Setting equities setting to be aware of what is going on after official trading hours.

Adding Studies

Studies are indicators essential for a stock trader. Ricky has the RSI Indicator and the MACD Indicator on his dashboard set up to give him insights. They appear right below the chart on the Ricky Gutierrez thinkorswim dashboard.

Ricky Gutierrez Trader Insights

Now that you have set up the chart configuration, up next is the watchlist. The watchlist consists of the stock available to trade, and upon clicking one option, it instantly appears on the right section as a chart. Ricky picks out his display options quickly by searching the stock acronyms allowing him to browse through several in a matter of a minute.

Next up, the Ricky Gutierrez thinkorswim dashboard is optimized to scan and analyze stock before making a purchase decision. He goes to the Scan tab on the application, with a filter that checks out different variables to decide the options available. He uses the scan option to find out more insights about the various options available. Ricky primarily studies price change using the price change variable with a few settings on it. This filter brings him the information that he needs to scan for stocks.

He uses thinkorswim to analyze his stock and scan for different variables to provide him the best insights.

Ricky Gutierrez thinkorswim – configured to win!

Ricky Gutierrez’s thinkorswim configuration gives him all the information he needs to become who he is in the trading industry. He uses the software and the little tweaks that we described are what he does to fine-tune the thinkorswim application to make things work for him. Thinkorswim is his playing ground that he uses to do his day-trades while also laying out his focus on long term stock options.

Long Term Stock Trades

Ricky’s day trading investments are entirely different from that of his long-term stocks. He owns Tesla stock that he purchased for $385. You could say the risk he took worked for him in the long term.

In October 2020, Ricky added that he would continue his confidence in Tesla. Even though he saw some uncertainty coming from the US presidential election that year. Fast forward to 2021, Tesla stock is valued at $816 the faith he had finally paid off!

The other long term that Ricky Gutierrez has in store is Apple. Apple has been fluctuating, but Ricky believes that Apple has the potential to keep growing. He advises all his followers on his channels and the Facebook group to trade with half the dollar amount if anyone is not doing well.

Ricky advises his followers to observe what is happening and the next week or month to dollar average remaining funds. He credits that this was a pivotal move for the Ricky Gutierrez day trader success story.

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