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A Deeper Dive In The Learn Plan Profit Course by Ricky Gutierrez

Dave Fenger

Dave Fenger

Ricky Gutierrez Learn Plan Profit

Table of Contents

Most people know that there are great advantages (and risks) being active in the stock market. But there is no comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know about getting started on your trading journey and moving up the ladder. Sure, there are hundreds of YouTube videos by several content creators. Still, the lack of structure prevents you from having a 360 degree understanding.

That’s what self-made millionaire and leading stock trader Ricky Gutierrez wanted to change.  The 25-year-old stock trader from Arizona brought a different perspective on learning to trade, providing something invaluable for anyone who needs to start their trading journey.

A reputed content creator on YouTube, made his buck trading and was self-taught for most of the time. The millennial rallied a massive following of individuals with his videos and got a lot more inspired to take on stock trading.

But there was a massive void in getting the right information and knowledge on the internet. Hence, the Ricky Gutierrez Learn Plan Profit course was created as a fitting solution, allowing individuals to embrace the art of trading. The course opened up an excellent pathway for individuals to build a sustainable career.

The learnings from a self-made entrepreneur – Ricky Gutierrez

In November 2015, California-born Ricky Gutierrez took to YouTube to share his trading journey and provide everyone with a snapshot of a stock market investor’s life. Ricky’s approach was genuine; he simplified the trade, breaking down all the complicated parts while documenting his highs and lows on video. This channel soon became the source of inspiration for millennials to take on trading.

The millennial generation is debt-ridden with their student loans, and investing was the last thing on their mind. But Ricky Gutierrez changed it all. Ricky brought out his life journey from the time he started with penny stocks to become one of the youngest self-made millionaires in Arizona. Ricky soon became a brand for investor trading, building a worldwide following.

The Ricky Gutierrez YouTube channel that started with zero subscribers in 2015 now has 950,000 subscribers and is rapidly nearing the 1 million subscriber mark. Over the years, Ricky has built a community around him with enthusiasts and emerging traders who look up to him for advice. He has an exclusive group on Facebook named Tech Bud Solutions, a community of individuals who share the same interests in trading.

One of the biggest questions that usually come up on the group and his YouTube channel was from the beginners, “What do I need to start a career in trading?“, “Are there courses dedicated for someone who needs advise on trading?”. With several questions of this nature, Ricky launched a course, named the Learn Plan Profit course, an A-Z blueprint for investing in the Stock Market. The Ricky Gutierrez course listed on Teachable was the trading lessons and Ricky’s experiences together with a complete learning mastery. Ricky primarily built the course keeping the newcomers in mind and targeted traders who just started to speed up their time taken to earn profit in the stock market.

The Ricky Gutierrez Learn Plan Profit Course

The Ricky Gutierrez course is more than a trading course. It is a course that will unlock financial freedom since it opens up new opportunities for them to earn a profit. That is the foundation on which the Learn Plan Profit course is based. The course covers everything from the basics to training your mindset to achieve success.

The course spans over 7 hours and is everything you need to know about trading. In the Ricky Gutierrez course, he starts by teaching the basics of trading and all that you need to get started. In the next two modules, it gets serious. Trading is an art, and several variables are involved in trading. Ricky covers all of this in the chapter that speaks about The Mechanics of Trading. The next section is what’s most interesting in the learn Plan Profit course.

Having traded for over seven years, Ricky brings in a whole deal of expertise in the subject of trading. In this section of the Ricky Gutierrez Learn Plan Profit course, he gives a complete snapshot of his trading. This snapshot includes everything from indicators that he takes seriously, the configurations of the trading software thinkorswim he uses to get the industry insights, and the best practices.

From all of the sections in the Ricky Gutierrez course, this part is the most vital aspect. This part is the main reason why the learning has become a resounding success selling over 4000+ copies. Ricky believes in sharing his expertise with others so that they too can make a living out of trading just like him and plot their path to success.

Speaking of success, after you learn about Ricky’s practices and indicators, the next entire section is all about training the mind for success. Trading is not always about profit but also involves a psychological aspect.

If you had come across any of the videos on Ricky’s YouTube channel, you would understand that there are good days, great days, bad days, and worse ones. But if you have the right mindset and attitude, you can always push through the tough days and then make the best out of the better ones.

Here are a few of the key talking points you will find in the Ricky Gutierrez Learn Plan Profit course

  • Fundamentals of investing
  • A simple breakdown of unique techniques and strategies to find quality stocks
  • Mechanics of Trading
  • Indicators, scanners, and Best Practices
  • Profits and Mindset lessons

Plus, when you sign up, you also get access to the Learn Plan Profit private group chat, which is a community of aspiring stock investors just like yourself.  You get the opportunity to network, learn and exchange ideas with people of similar interests, and that’s always a great way to learn new things.

Is Learn Plan Profit Free?

However, the Ricky Gutierrez Learn Plan Profit course does not come free and comes for $299. The $299 pricing is one-time pricing for a lifetime of benefits because the course keeps getting updated based on the market’s recent developments.

There is no Learn Plan Profit free download because its content is unique and incomparable. This Ricky Gutierrez course is the life of Ricky’s investor journey and contains all the insights.

For whom is this course?

Based on Learn Plan Profit reviews and looking at the coursework, the Ricky Gutierrez Learn Plan Profit course is a perfect fit for a newbie starting their trading and investor journey. The course consists of a comprehensive curriculum, well-recorded videos, and simple and easy-to-follow explanations. This way, even if you have zero knowledge of trading, the learn plan profit can get you up to date.

But if you are already well into investing, this course is not for you since there isn’t too much you can take from the learning. Priced at $299, you don’t need to find a Learn Plan Profit torrent because it is a deal in itself. In a market where trading courses are priced from $500 – $1000, the Ricky Gutierrez course is an ideal fit.

In case you are interested to learn more about Ricky Gutierrez, we made an in depth article about his youth and road to fame.

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