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The Learn Plan Profit Review: All About Ricky Gutierrez’s Course

Dave Fenger

Dave Fenger

Lean Plan Profit

Table of Contents

The Learn Plan Profit Course: The complete A to Z blueprint to investing in the stock market was a game-changer in the YouTube personal finance industry, acting as a fitting guide for anyone interested in learning the trade. The course created by self-made millionaire Ricky Gutierrez is a compilation of his stock trading knowledge and expert advice, making it different from any other learning in the market.

What is the Learn Plan Profit course?

The Learn Plan Profit course on Teachable appeals to the millennial generation who wants to learn the trade, getting inspired by Ricky Gutierrez himself. Ricky is a self-taught, self-made millionaire who has over 7+ years of experience in stock market trading.

The University of Arizona graduate started with penny stocks and then built an empire for himself, making him one of Arizona’s youngest millionaires. The course that contains real-life applications has earned over 1 million dollars in sales over the last two years, gaining massive popularity among young investors.

Ricky Gutierrez uses his YouTube channel that he started way back in 2015 November as his main front to document his stock trading career. The Learn Plan Profit course is targeted primarily at his subscribers and the community he created – Tech Bud Solutions.

In a snapshot, the Learn Plan Profit course is an ideal option for anyone interested in kickstarting a trading career. It sells at $299, an attractive rate for an investor course — regular courses of this sell for amounts between $700 and $1000.

Since the launch, the course has been the hot pick, selling over 4000+ copies, leading many to ask the question, “Is Ricky Gutierrez legit?”. To answer all these questions, we take an insider look for a Learn Plan Profit Review.

The Learn Plan Profit Review

For the Learn Plan Profit Review, we first look at the Teachable web page that lists the courses, and from the outset, it seems like a comprehensive page with everything you need to know about the course and what it offers.

Ricky prioritizes financial freedom and the importance of time, relating to his target market, the millennials. Millennials have a large amount of debt with their piling student loans and are deeply invested in options that will bring them financial freedom.

The Learn Plan Profit (LPP) is a one-time payment. The $299 you pay will grant you access to the course content and all the additions that Ricky provides over time. When you sign up, you get invited to the Learn Plan Profit exclusive member chat, where you get to network with like-minded aspiring traders just like yourself. Networking helps you learn new things or even get better clarity of selected topics, and with the LPP Chat, Ricky has provided the entire space for such interactions, which is a good thing.

The Learn Plan Profit Course Contents

For the Learn Plan Profit review, we looked at the course content on offer. The course is a comprehensive product with over 70 videos (including bonus content), accounting for over 7 hours of watch time. The videos are all recorded content by Ricky and touch on key points for success.

1 Introduction to Learn Plan Profit

 The first video introduces how the course content will span and how you can apply each segment’s indicators. Ricky also explains the next steps after the Learn Plan Profit course.

2 The Basics

The first learning module acts as the foundation for the course. It introduces basic terminology, the commonly used abbreviations, and the concepts of small-cap trading. One thing that Ricky doesn’t do is to make trading look easy. Many ‘so-called’ experts try to paint a beautiful picture with all the pros but don’t provide a comprehensive approach. But the Learn Plan Profit course gives a complete idea of what you are signing up for, including the cons.

3 The Mechanics of Trade

In the second module, the course begins to dive into the actionable lessons. This chapter prepares you for real trading. The module is where Ricky walks you through his opinions on selected practices to understand the subject matter better. He also explains all the options and the functions that he uses to get results. Everything starts at the smaller, more superficial level, and Ricky does an excellent job simplifying learning.

A few of the critical topics are covered:

  • How to build a watch list
  • The four most common order types
  • Step by step instructions on setting alerts
  • Pre-market and After-Market hours
  • My Scanner and Scan Area

4 Indicators and Best Practices-

The earlier module is a walkthrough of all the actions, and in this module, everyone gets a snapshot of Ricky’s trading system. The module starts with Ricky discussing indicators such as RSI, EMA’s, VWAP, and he does a great job explaining how each of these indicators works.

This module is more of a Ricky Gutierrez way of doing things module. Everyone will understand what he does when he enters a position and includes different trading styles and strategies.

A few of the topics covered include:

  • Using the RSI Study
  • How I use EMA, VMAP, and the MACD Indication
  • How to trade your BEST Stock
  • How I lock in Profits
  • How, When, and Why to Cut Losses

Ricky Trading

5 Mindset for Success

This module is more of trading psychology, and for most of this session, it will be a one on one with Ricky.  This part is one of the most critical aspects of the Learn Plan Profit review because you won’t be finding this on any other course.

As a trader, you have to deal with bad days, worse days, good days, and better days. Ricky draws a great picture about all of these aspects, bringing out examples from his past experiences. He doesn’t shy away from his mistakes. Instead, he shows the learner what went wrong and how to avoid such a scenario.

The Learn Plan Profit Review – Final Verdict

The course is well organized and consists of a good flow for anyone to understand and take notes. Ricky Gutierrez breaks complex topics down to basic bits of information to process, and that is a significant buy-in. If you want to look at how he does it, you can look at his YouTube channel since the course matches the same learning pattern.

For a complete newbie, the Learn Plan Profit course is a must-buy. At $299, you will not find any other comprehensive course like this on the internet. But if you are already into the trade, this course will not be the best fit. The majority of the content is targeted at the beginner. Also, strategies and education do not entirely mean that you can achieve success. It is only a part of it.

So is Ricky Gutierrez legit?

The short answer is yes; he most certainly is. If he were not legit, he by no means would have been able to build a following of nearly a million subscribers on YouTube while creating the Learn Plan Profit course that has over 4000+ sales in the last three years.

Everything he does has proof, and his YouTube channel is all the proof you need because Ricky is never afraid of listing out his mistakes and low points. Recent developments have tagged on the internet reading ‘Ricky Gutierrez scam.’ accusing him of bringing out false promises, but education and guidance are only part of the whole trade.

Sure, you need the education to avoid common trading pitfalls, but a course doesn’t guarantee you profit. Also, everyone learns differently. That is why you rarely find any course with a perfect 5-star rating. What is apprehended by one may not be easily understood by another. Sometimes, one trader to be extremely successful, and the other not be successful at all.

In such a scenario, terming Ricky Gutierrez a scam is not all suited.  To end the Ricky Gutierrez legit question, the fact that he lets his members in on 30 minutes of daily live trading, says it all.

Would you like to know more about Ricky Gutierrez? We made an in depth article about his earlier life and YouTube fame!

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