Meet Kevin's Youtube Succes, Income & Net Worth

Meet Kevin might have started his career doing real-estate, but he actually earns a decent living off his Youtube ‘hustle’ too!

In this article we will tell you how he started his Youtube career, where he lives now and how much Meet Kevin earns a month (and day!) from his Youtube content!

Meet Kevin Paffrath - hero profile

When did Meet Kevin start his Youtube career?

By now Meet Kevin has published over 1,300 and 1.08 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. His content is smooth, the lighting is perfect and his voice sounds crisp. This was definitely not the case at the beginning of his Youtube career in 2013!

Meet Kevin’s first YouTube content was about his life as a real-estate agent in Ventura, California. He would publish content on how to check the water pressure or what tools to use during renovations.

From 2013 to 2017, Meet Kevin published 14 video’s on Youtube. From this moment started pushing out daily video’s and his following and viewership exploded!

Where does Meet Kevin live

Meet Kevin was born and raised in Florida, but moved to California to live with his wife-to-be and his parents-in-law-to-be in 2009.

We cannot tell you exactly where Meet Kevin lives, but it’s around Ventura, California. 

Is Meet Kevin legit?

We often get quest whether Meet Kevin is legit. In the past 7 years, we have found no evidence that Meet Kevin has given false statements about his wealth. In his mission to be as transparant as possible, he often shares his Youtube income overviews or an overview of the properties he posseses. 

Meet Kevin in his studio

Meet Kevin's Stimulus coverage

Since the COVID-19 pandemic happened, a lot of people lost their job. The U.S. government has had multiple financial injections to keep the economy running.

It has not always been an easy process to have these bills pass multiple governmental layers. Meet Kevin keeps his viewers up-to-date on the latest developments so they don’t have to read through the bill, which can easily be thousands of pages.

This ended up being a smart move, because his viewership increased significantly.

What is Meet Kevin's Youtube income?

We often get asked what Meet Kevin earns on Youtube and we have some great news for you! Meet Kevin has always been transparant on how much he makes on his Youtube channel.

Below you see a graph from June 18th, 2020 until September 26th, 2020. It shows that Meet Kevin earned $742,771.95 from Youtube’s monetization program. On average Meet Kevin earns $7,427 a day from Youtube. Not bad!

It has to be said that he worked extremely hard to get to this point and he has always found a way to humble himself.

Meet Kevin's Youtube income 2020

What is Meet Kevin's net worth?

Now you read what Meet Kevin earns from Youtube and his properties, you can guess that the amount is pretty spectacular. The latest update Meet Kevin gave us about his net worth, is that it will soon hit $18 million dollars. 

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